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Our Books


By Satya Brata Das Published: Sep. 12 2019
ISBN 978-1-926755-06-9 (pbk.)
ISBN 978-1-926755-07-6 (pdf)

Human Rights Cities: Civic Engagement for Societal Development

BY Stephen P. Marks and Kathleen A. Modrowski with Walther Lichem
ISBN 978-0-9731134-6-4

Sundry : A Book of Poems

By Kirsten Sikora
ISBN 978-0-9731134-3-3

Mieux vaut Prevenir...

By Allan Bonner
ISBN: 978-1-926755-08-3​

Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOS

By Allan Bonner
ISBN: 978-1-926755-04-5

Green Oil

By Satya Brata Das
ISBN: 978-1-926755-00-7

The Bonner Communications Series – Media Relations

By Allan Bonner
ISBN: 978-1-926755-11-3

Political Conventions

By Allan Bonner
ISBN: 978-1-926755-09-0

An Ounce of Prevention

By Allan Bonner
ISBN: 978-1-926755-08-3

Best Country

By Satya Brata Das
ISBB: 978-0-9731134-0-2

Coming Soon

My Journey: Faith, Family and a Medical Miracle.

By Prateek Mohanty
ISBN 978-1-926755-19-9 (pbk.)
ISBN 978-1-926755-20-5 (ebook.)